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What a fun filled weekend for the Barry Behrman Memorial! Thanks to the players, the sponsors, and of course the fans that watched live from Q-Masters or on the stream from around the GLOBE!

Here is a quick photo summary of our top finishers!

1st Place Champion Warren Kiamco

2nd Manny Chau

3rd Mika Immonen

4th Jeremy Sossei

5/6th Reymart Lim and Johnny Archer

7/th Jeff Deluna and Brandon Shuff

9/12th Shane Wolford, Shaun Wilkie, James Davee, Jimmy Bird

13/16th Eric Moore, Chalmer Vergara, Kevin Myers, Benjie Estor

Great Job to Ra Hanna and his team for helping make this years event very special!

Shout out to VA Novelty, Holt Foods, Nick Varner Cues, and MSP designs for the great Swag of Shirts, Cups, and the Banner!

Also cant forget Diamond Billiards, National Billiard Academy, M&W Fences and Decks, OTW,

and the American 14.1 Straight Pool Championships!

Estimated Prize fund (1).jpg
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