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Al Blackwell's Pro Cue Shop

The Q-Master Pro Shop, which is located in the Tournament Room, is the brainchild of former owner and professional player, Dave Bollman. He spent his last 35 years dedicated to the craft of cue building and the game of pool. He learned from the masters and built one of the finest cue building shops anywhere. Throughout the years, Dave developed a repertoire with pool players near and far. He was a master cue-smith who built cues from scratch and also made all repairs. Dave also devised a tapering lathe for his shafts which are turned 9 times over a 5 or 6 year period before being used to produce a perfect pro taper. Dave became ill in 2013 and sold the shop to Al Blackwell, who was building cues in his garage. During his illness, Dave was very generous with his cue making knowledge and secrets of the trade and passed them on to Al. Today, the shop is owned and operated by Al who has developed his own building styles and continues repairs for new and old players. Al has consolidated his shop with Dave's which now contains 6 lathes, a 40 stick showcase and over 250 hardrock maple shafts. Al makes "sneeky-petes" and custom cues built from scratch. His prices are $140.00 to $750.00 and he can replace bad shafts on good sticks.

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Tip, Ferrule, Wrap, and Shaft pricing. Worth every penny. He's precise, yet timely. He can repair most problems while you wait.


Building from scratch, to a customer's taste and styles is a passion of Al's. "What he builds is art that hits like a dream."


Whether you have a $20, 1piece house cue, or a $1500 Meucci, you can trust Al to be able to repair, clean, re-tip, taper, re wrap, or any and all requests.

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